Important Guidance for Trading This System


One of the key rules you must adhere to when trading the financial markets is making sure that you do not put your capital at excessive risk on any one trade. The rule of thumb should be that you do not risk any more than 2.5% of your capital on any one trade. So for example if you have an account size of £20,000 then no more £500 should be at risk. So if you are considering a trade with a stop loss of 25 points the trade should be no larger than £20 per pip or 2 lots and with a 50 point stop loss it should be no larger than £10 per point or 1 Lot


Use a Trading Platform that allows out of hours trading.

This is very important because if you use a Trading Platform that does not do this then you will experience many more “price gaps” in the market. It could also be that the “take profits” price is hit out of hours but your trade would not automatically be closed out and then you find when the market has reopened the trade is still current. Our recommended Trading Partner Platform is IG. CLICK HERE FOR IG


We may send an indication / signal at any time of day.

Generally speaking, we will not send one between the hours of 00.00 – 06:00 (GMT)


Make sure you enter every trade for any one market.

Never try to second guess an indication / signal we send because invariably you will choose to reject a trade which is ultimately profitable and may select a trade which ultimately fails. This trading strategy has been developed so that over a period of a month taken into account all of the successful and unsuccessful trades, you will have made a net gain. And this net gain will be something which is generated consistently month in and month out. You will skew the results if you miss out certain trades when they are sent.


Make sure you are alerted each time a signal is sent.

Whichever device you choose to use, make sure that it either makes a sound or vibrates or in some other way makes you aware that you have received a signal. When we send signals to enter a trade, we do send them with enough margin of time so that you have every opportunity to enter it.


We may alert you to close or amend the trade at any time.

We are constantly monitoring changes in Market Sentiment and could alert you to close a current trade at any time.


You should take into account your trading platform’s spread.

If you find that the market gets very close to the signal price but doesn’t trigger the order you might consider this. For example, if we send out a signal to sell Gold at 1900 and your trading platform has a spread of 5 points on Gold then you may feel more comfortable to place your market order at 1897.5 to take account of the spread. This is because if you place the order at 1900 the market price would have to hit 1902.5 to be triggered and you’d be surprised at the accuracy of our signals and just how many times the market price will hit the exact price or very close but then the order is not triggered because of the spread.


Remember that having the right psychology makes up 95% of the ingredients that you require to be a successful Trader. Even if you have a successful trading strategy, without having the right mindset, you will fail. This is because many people have a trait in them to self sabotage. With Discreet Trader Pro we have literally stripped away all of the complexity around trading so that all you have to do is follow the indications / signals. We conduct all of the analysis and calculate all of the entry and exit points for you. Now all you have to do is follow what we do and you'll find yourself in a place with much more peace of mind. Even this takes mental strength but when you demonstrate that you can do this you will be richly rewarded. We look forward to working with you.